Пара интересных моментов из интервью с Уробучи Геном:

Q: Will there ever be an anime adaption of Saya no Uta?
A: Because of the contents, there is no way a producer will risk their money on that.
[Note: Addition from the second panel, where the same question was asked, starts here:] When the comic version was released in America, we thought about doing another adaption if it's accepted well, possibly a live-action adaption, but it did not turn out this way. [Note: Shouts from the audience for a kickstarter; Takaki Kosaka added laughing that he still tries his best for a possible live-action-adaption]

Q: Will there be a second season of Madoka Magica?
A: Nothing decided yet. [Note: The translator left that out, but I heard him saying "Ah, I can't talk about that yet" before saying that they haven't decided on anything yet.]

Q: Are you involved in the ufotable F/SN remake? Heaven's Feel is the only route not adapted yet, and since Fate/Zero is closely related to it, I thought you could be involved.
A: I don't know a lot about it, I'm not involved. But if I remember correctly it's an Unlimited Blade Works adaption.

Q: Are there plans for a second season of Suisei no Gargantia?
A: The new OVA episodes are being released with the BD boxes first, aside that nothing is decided yet.

Q: So I heard there will be a second season of Psycho-Pass, is that true?
A: Someone let it slip at a convention in the US, right? There is no deniying anymore that something is in production, but it does not necessarily has to be a second season.

"A significant inspiration for Saya no Uta was the first Silent Hill game - it made me want to create a world where the character has distorted senses." Ня :3

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Спасибо за интервью- было интересно почитать)
Да, Саю сложно представить в виде аниме...

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Я забыл сразу добавить в пост, но вот ссылка на все интервью: тык

Ну, а насчет Саи.. Представить можно, но вот на телевидение такое никто не пропустит) спойлер Если только сразу на дисках выпускать