Selector Infected WIXOSS: правила игры

Правила (ну или их часть) карточной игры из Selector Infected WIXOSS. Да, оказывается они есть, только почему-то расположены на сайте аниме. Странный ход, но да ладно.

Picture of field: http://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/wixoss/images/pdf/wixoss_playseat.pdf
SIGNI = Cards you attack with.
LRIG = Your avatar. When your LRIG is attacked, you lose Life Cloth.
Life Cloth = Your HP. You have 7 of them at the start. Once you run out of them, a direct hit to your LRIG will be a game over. You do NOT lose once you run out of Life Cloth. You lose once your LRIG takes a hit afterwards.
ENER = They are a pile you accumulate that you pay costs with. Think of Stock from Weiss Schwarz.
Check Zone = When you take damage, card from Life Cloth goes here to activate any effect that triggers, then goes to ENER Zone.
Trash = Discard pile. Interesting enough, SIGNI that are destroyed by battle don't seem to be placed in the trash but in the ENER Zone instead.

As for phases:
Up Phase.
All cards stand up (vertical).

Draw Phase.
Draw 2 cards except when going first in which you only draw 1 for this phase.

Ener Phase.
You may choose one card from hand and place it in Ener Zone.

Grow Phase.
Grow your LRIG. You know, Tama and Hanayo? They have their own separate deck colored white.

Main Phase.
Self-explanatory for the TCG players. Summon your SIGNI. Activate effects.

Attack Phase.
Self-explanatory. When declare attack by switching your SIGNI horizontally just like in Cardfight Vanguard. Where your is located in your SIGNI Zone matters since they may only attack the one facing opposite of them. For example, middle zone SIGNI may only attack the opponent's middle zone SIGNI. This means that if they have no SIGNI, you may attack directly for damage. Your LRIG can also attack too. I believe they cab attack any SIGNI.

Turn End.
End of your turn.

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